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Distinctive and consistently delightful, Mili’s Tea House is your ultimate destination for a diverse tea experience. Today, owing to our extensive queues and Instagram-worthy tea blends, we have chosen to expand our presence across the nation to cater to the cravings of tea enthusiasts everywhere.

The Taste

Constantly innovating with flavors, Mili's Tea House is your go-to for a culinary adventure that delights your senses.

The Quality

With the freshest, top-quality ingredients, we craft unique teas and delightful treats presented with love and flair.

The Fun

Good tastes with good times. Explore unique and inventive creations that promise to delight your taste buds like never before.

The Future

Growing nationally and eyeing international markets, we believe in uniting people through the craftsmanship of exceptional teas!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Craft your perfect experience with us.

Mili's Tea House delights in serving a variety of treats, including bubble tea, waffles, crepes, and sandwiches. Explore our menu for a taste experience that caters to all preferences.

At Mili's Tea House, every drink is your canvas. Customize sweetness, choose organic soya/oat milk, and control toppings. No standard drinks; it's crafted to your taste. For kids under 6, skip chewy toppings. Make it a special treat, and ask for Light versions or Soya/Oat Milk for a tailored experience.

Absolutely! At Mili's Tea House, we're all about customization. We empower you, our customer, to tailor your drink to perfection, allowing you to request varying sweetness levels and unique combinations.

We offer Organic Soya, Organic Oat, Organic Milk, and Creamer options. If you have allergen concerns, reach out, as Soya/Oat versions may still contain milk derivatives.

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